Weight Converter

Weight Converter


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  • What are the Weight Units?

    What is Weight?

    Weight; gravitational force applied to an object due to its mass. It may differ depending on the gravity and the environment in which it is located. The weight of an object in water and land will not be the same, and it will differ in the weight of different planets. Even at different points on Earth, the weight of the same object will be different due to very small changes in gravity.

    What are the Units of Weight Measurement?

    Today, there are two kinds of units. It is an internationally accepted decimal-based measurement system based on kilogram base units for weight, one of which is called the metric system, introduced by the French in 1795, which is also used officially in our country. The other is the Imperial System, which accepts the British-accepted pound as the basic unit. You can find the weight units and symbols used according to the metric system in the table below.

    Weight Units and Symbols

    Unit Name Abbreviation
    Picogram pg
    Nanogram ng
    Mikrogram µg
    Miligram mg
    Centigram cg
    Decigram dg
    Gram g
    Dekagram dag
    Hectogram hg
    Kilogram kg
    Ton t
    Exagram Eg
    Femtogram fg
    Megagram Mg
    Teragram Tg
    Petagram Pg
    Gigagram Gg
    Ounce oz
    Pound lb

    With this calculation, you can cycle between grams, kilograms, pounds, ounces and tons.
    After entering the amount you want to calculate in the relevant unit, you can calculate by pressing Enter.