Website Ad Revenue Calculator

Website Ad Revenue Calculator


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  • How is Website Advertising Revenue Calculated?

    What is a Website?

    Website are areas hosted on the internet network and shaped with various web software languages. They can have a static or dynamic structure. The software languages used are usually HTML, CSS, JS, .Net, PHP etc. can.

    How to Make Money From the Website?

    In line with the purpose of the site, social media platform, news site, search engine, shopping site, blog etc. can be parsed like. Ultimately, the purpose of the majority website is to make or support money. For example, by gaining a market from the sales made by shopping sites, blogs or news sites earn income through advertisements or articles published on their websites. This calculation tool has been prepared especially for our users who aim to make money by advertising on their website.

    What is RPM?

    RPM is an abbreviation of income per thousand impressions. Its English is revenue per mill. It is known as RPM for short. All these statements are used to show the income that will be obtained as a result of a thousand impressions to those who aim to make money by displaying advertisements on the website. For example, if RPM is $ 1.00, you will get $ 1.00 as a result of thousand impressions.

    How is Ad Revenue Calculated?

    To calculate the return on advertising, we need to determine the following variables;
    • The number of visitors will increase in income as the number of visitors increases, so the display will increase.
    • We can multiply the average number of pages visited by a visitor by the number of visitors and get the total number of page views.
    • When we know RPM, the amount of revenue per thousand impressions, we can get total revenue when we multiply by the total number of pages visited.
    In this case, the formula;
    (Number of Visitors x average number of pages visited by each user) x RPM.

    After completing the variables using our calculation tool, you can calculate by clicking the calculate button.