Time Unit Converter

Time Unit Converter


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  • What are Time Units?

    What is time?

    Time is a concept known to everyone, but difficult to explain. According to physicists, time is expressed as the progress of the future from past to present. It is not something we can see or touch.

    What are Time Units?

    It is easier to express the concept of time in units dating back to Sumerians. In the SI unit system, the time unit is seconds and is defined by the vibration frequency of the cesium atom.
    We can start with a day to measure time. One day, that is, 24 hours is the time to complete the Earth's rotation around itself. Another measure is the transformation of the Earth around the Sun. He completes this turn in 1 year.
    With this calculation tool, you can cycle between seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.