Temperature Conversion

Temperature Conversion


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  • What are the Temperature Units?

    What is Temperature?

    It is the value that expresses the average kinetic energy of the particles that make up the substance. It is a measure of the temperature or coldness of the object. Temperature is not energy. And the temperature is measured with a thermometer.

    What is Heat?

    It is the name of the energy exchanged between two objects due to the temperature difference. Heat is exchanged between two objects, the temperature of which is higher than the other. Heat energy passes from high to low. This process applies to solids, liquids or gases.

    What are the Temperature Units?

    Thanks to this calculation tool;
    • ° C → Celcius,
    • ° F → Fahrenheit,
    • K → Kelvin,
    • ºR → Rankine,
    • ° De → Delisle,
    • ° N → Newton,
    • ° Re → Reaumur,
    • ° Rø → You can cycle between Romer units.