Speed of Sound Calculator

Speed of Sound Calculator


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  • How Sound Speed is Calculated?

    What is Sound?

    Sound can be expressed in its most general definition as the vibration that the hearing organ can hear. The sound is emitted by vibrating the particles in the environment from the source. Therefore, no sound is emitted in the space without matter. The denser the particles in the environment, the faster the sound spreads.

    What is Sound Speed?

    The speed of sound is the pace of the environment in which the sound is located. The speed of sound is taken as 343.2 m / s (343.2 meters / second) (about 1235.5 km / h) at air, sea level and at a temperature of 21 ° C. The propagation speed of the sound may change depending on the ambient conditions such as temperature, density of the air. The speed of sound propagation decreases from solid to gas. There are different factors that affect the speed of sound. For example, in an environment with wind, sound spreads at different speeds. There is also a difference in the speed of sound propagation between day and night. Another factor that affects the speed of sound is temperature. Thanks to this calculation, you can calculate the speed of sound propagation according to the temperature.