Speed Conversion



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  • What are the Speed Units?

    What is Speed?

    Velocity is the path that an object takes per unit time. It is denoted by V.

    What is Speed Formula?

    Its formula is V = X / t.
    V → Speed,
    X → Path,
    t → Time.

    What are Speed Units?

    In some countries, you can cycle between knots units used in the maritime and aviation fields, especially in the USA, with kmh (kilometers / hour) or m / s (meters / second), especially in the USA.

    What Are American Speed Units?

    The most known American Speed units are feet / minute, feet / day, feet / hour, feet / second, inch / minute, inch / day, inch / hour, inch / second, yard / minute, yard / day, yard / hour, yard / second.

    What is Knot?

    Especially if we look at the history of the knot unit used in shipping, we need to go back to 1600s. In those years, a triangular piece of wood and hourglass were used at the end of a rope with knots thrown at equal intervals (about 14.4 meters). This system is also called a currency. For speed measurement, the pieces of wood on the back of the ship are thrown into the water. For example, if 10 knots were counted in 30 seconds, the speed of the ship was expressed as 10 knots. With this calculation tool, you can also cycle with the knot unit.