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  • How is Return On Investment Calculated?

    What is ROI?

    ROI is short for return on investment. ROI, which is used especially in the advertising sector, can be evaluated at all points of investment. ROI;
    • Shows investment performance,
    • Indicates the efficiency of the investment,
    • It facilitates the calculation of profitability rate,
    • It is easy to compare and easy to calculate.

    How is ROI Calculated?

    When calculating ROI, you can calculate using the formula ((total return - investment) / investment) x 100%. The ROI that you finally found will show you how much return your investment is generating.
    For example, you invested $ 10,000 and in return the total return was $ 12,850. In this case, it will be 28.50% with the formula ((12.850 - 10,000) / 10,000) x 100%.