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  • What is Decades and Dozens?

    What is Decades?

    The decades is called a group of 10 objects of the same type. For example, 10 items are expressed as 1 deck item. The group consisting of 6 pens and 4 erasers is not expressed as decks.

    What is Dozens?

    Dozen is called the group of 12 of the same type of object. For example, 12 erasers are expressed as 1 dozen erasers. The group consisting of 8 pens and 4 erasers is not expressed in dozen.

    What is Pair?

    The group of 2 objects from the same tube is called a pair. For example, when 1 pair of socks is mentioned, 2 socks representing right and left are mentioned.

    What Do These Namings (decade, dozen and pair) Do?

    These names are used to briefly express collective groups.
    With this calculation tool, you can convert between terms, pairs, decks and dozen. You can easily calculate how many objects are in 1 deck or how many dozen objects are.

    With this calculation tool that will facilitate your support and dozen problems, you can calculate the amount you want to calculate by typing it in the relevant unit and pressing Enter.