Pressure Conversion

Pressure Conversion


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  • What are Pressure Units?

    What is Pressure?

    Pressure is the force acting perpendicular to the unit surface. The pressure unit in the international unit system (SI) is Pascal (Pa).
    The force acting on the entire surface is also called the pressure force and is indicated by F. The relationship between pressure and force is shown as P = F / S. S is the surface area.

    What are Pressure Units?

    EYou can find the most used pressure units in the table below.

    Unit Name Abbreviation
    Pascal Pa
    exapascal EPa
    petapascal PPa
    terapascal TPa
    gigapascal GPa
    megapascal MPa
    kilopascal kPa
    hectopascal hPa
    dekapascal daPa
    decipascal dPa
    centipascal cPa
    milipascal mPa
    mikropascal µPa
    nanopascal nPa
    picopascal pPa
    femtopascal fPa
    attopascal aPa
    bar bar
    milibar mbar
    microbar µbar
    psi psi
    atmosphere atm

    After spreading the amount you want to convert to the relevant unit, you can calculate by pressing Enter.