Potential Energy Calculator

Potential Energy Calculator

Gravity Acc.:

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  • What is Potential Energy?

    What is Potential Energy?

    It is used to mean potential, literally hidden, or likely to occur in the future. It originates from the French word potentiel. Potential energy is the energy of any substance or object. Objects have an energy due to their height from the ground, their mass and the gravity affecting the object. This is potential energy in energy. Energy to potential was first introduced in history by Scottish engineer and physicist William Rankine, and its unit is joulde (J).
    The pen on the table, the clock hanging on the wall, the energy accumulated in the dams are potential energy.

    How is Potential Energy Calculated?

    Potential energy depends on the mass of the object from the ground to the ground and the acceleration acting on it.
    Potential energy calculation formula;
    It is in the form of mass (m) x Gravity Acceleration (g) x Height (h).

    What are the Potential Energy Types?

    Let's look at potential energy types and details.
    • Gravity potential energy is the type of energy used in hydroelectric power plants.
    • Flexibility potential energy is the type of energy that a compressed or stretched spring has. You can find more detailed information with our Spring potential energy calculation tool.
    • Electrical potential energy is the energy that an electrically charged body has due to its charge and position.