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Possibility Calculator

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  • How is the Probability Calculated?

    What is the Possibility?

    Probability is defined as the situation where a situation can exist as a word meaning. It is also known as probability.

    How is the Probability Calculated?

    Possibility / probability calculation, which has an important place in statistics, can be calculated with the desired condition / all cases formula. As we will see in the sample solution, the most important point in this issue is to distinguish between the desired situation and the undesirable situation or failure situations.

    Probability Calculation Example

    For example, let's calculate the probability that a randomly selected day will be on weekdays.
    1. In this case; Since the desired situation is 5 days a week, it will be 5. The unwanted situation or failure will be 2. All cases will be 7, since it is 7 days a week.
    If we adapt it according to the formula;
    2. The probability of success will be = 5/7 = 71.43%.
    3. Failure will be = 2/7 = 28.57%.

    In another example, let's calculate the probability of success of a team that has played 10 games so far and won 6 of them.
    1. All states are 10, successes are 6, and failures are 4.
    2. The probability of success for the next match will be 6/10 = 60%.
    3. the probability of failure will be 40%.

    With this calculation tool, you can calculate the probability / probability of success or failure by entering the number of successful or desired states and the number of failed or unwanted situations.