Net Profit Margin Calculator

Net Profit Margin Calculator

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  • What is Net Profit Margin?

    What is Profit?

    Profit is the difference between the selling price of a product or service and the purchase price. May include VAT or VAT.
    Profit can be called gross profit and net profit depending on its content. This naming varies depending on whether other costs are deducted from the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. In this case, gross profit is the unrelated costs. Net profit is obtained after subtracting other extra costs from gross profit.

    What is Profit Margin?

    Margin, literally, is the share allocated for the possibility of loss in commercial transactions. The profit margin can also be explained as the amount put on the cost for profit. In this case, the formula for the amount of profit / sales amount can be used to calculate the profit margin. For example, if $ 10 profit is obtained from a product you sell for $ 100, the profit margin will be = 10/100 = 10%.
    In the profit margin, it is characterized by expressions such as gross and net in the profit. Gross margin is the gross margin if the calculation is made without decreasing the expenses made while calculating the profit status of the product or service. Net margin is labor, rent etc. It is called the margin calculation made by deducting additional costs such as
    Thanks to this calculation tool, you can calculate the net profit margin after entering the amount of net profit and total income.