Market Capitalization Calculator

Market Capitalization Calculator

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  • How is Market Value Calculated?

    What is Market Capitalization?

    Market value is the amount that represents the material value of a business. Market capitalization also expresses the material value of the business.
    For example, businesses traded on the US stock exchange are classified according to their value.
    • Large-Cap: 10 billion USD and above,
    • Mid-Cap: between 2 and 10 billion USD,
    • Small-Cap: Between 300 million - 2 billion USD

    How is Market Capitalization Calculated?

    The formula for market capitalization / value is quite simple. It consists of two elements;
    • The stock price is the price of the stock listed on the stock exchange.
    • Number of shares is the number of shares owned by shareholders.
    The market capitalization calculation formula is share price * number of shares.
    In this case, after entering the relevant units, you can calculate and calculate the market value of the relevant company.