Length Converter

Length Converter


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  • What are Length Units?

    What is the Length?

    Length is the mathematical expression of the difference between two points, it is also used as the distance. Or it is used to express the magnitude of a direction.
    The International Unit System was adopted at the Weights and Measurements conference in 1960 to prevent confusion in the field of science and technology. Its English is SI and its meaning is French Système International d'unités. In the International Measurement System, the unit of length is meters and is briefly indicated by m. So what is the length of 1 meter determined?
    It is defined as the path that light takes in 1 / 299.792.458 seconds in the space in order to be able to use the same amounts in precise measurements made in various laboratories around the world.

    How to Measure Length?

    Length can be measured by tools such as meters or length meter lasers.

    What are the units of Length Measurement?

    If we look at the most known length units, it is meters (m), centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), kilometers (km). Instead of these units, inch (in), foot (ft), yard (yard), mile (mile) units are used in America and England (as America length units).
    You can find the conversion examples of all length units used in SI unit system and their representations in meters in the table below.

    Unit Abbreviation Amount
    yottameter Ym 1024 m
    zettameter Zm 1021 m
    eksameter Em 1018 m
    petameter Pm 1015 m
    terameter Tm 1012 m
    gigameter Gm 109 m
    megameter Mm 106 m
    kilometer km 103 m
    hektometer hm 102 m
    decameter Dam 10 m
    meter m 1 m
    decimeter dm 10-1 m
    centimeter cm 10-2 m
    milimeter mm 10-3 m
    micrometer μm 10-6 m
    nanometer nm 10-9 m
    pikometer pm 10-12 m
    femtometer fm 10-15 m
    attometer am 10-18 m
    zeptometer zm 10-21 m
    yoktometer ym 10-24 m

    According to this table, calculation can be made by going down from 10 or multiplying by multiples, and by going down to 10 or multiples. Type the size />
    to calculate the corresponding unit required to calculate then use the calculation calculation in Enter.