Kinetic Energy Calculator

Kinetic Energy Calculator

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  • How is Kinetic Energy Calculated?

    What is Kinetic Energy?

    Kinetic energy is the type of energy an object has due to its motion. It may have vibration due to displacement or rotation.
    Kinetic energy is created by transferring energy to the object by doing work. For example, when you start turning a wheel with force, the wheel will have kinetic energy.

    What is the Kinetic Energy Formula?

    The kinetic energy calculation formula is (m x V²) / 2. In this case, the kinetic energy of an object depends on its mass and speed. The kinetic energy unit is joule (J).
    One of the important points about energy is that energy can be transferred. An object with kinetic energy can transfer its energy when it hits another object. When a rotating wheel hits a standing wheel, energy is transferred to the standing wheel.
    With this calculation tool, you can calculate the amount of kinetic energy that the object has by clicking the calculate button after entering the mass and velocity values. Don't forget to check out our other calculation tools in the physics category!