Hooke's Law Calculator

Hooke's Law Calculator

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  • What is Hooke's Law?

    What is Spring?

    Objects that change their shape when the force is applied and can be restored when the force is lifted are called springs. It is used in many mechanical devices ranging from the items we use in daily life to cars.

    What is Hooke's Law / Act?

    Robert Hooke, a 17th century physicist, discovered that when the tension on the springs was lifted, it became old and linear. He discovered that stretching a spring is directly proportional to the length of the spring and depends on the property of the spring.

    What is the Hooke's Law Formula?

    Robert Hooke's elastic strain formula;
    He formulated the formula as F (force) = -k (spring constant) * x (elongation amount).
    If you want to calculate the potential energy that the publication has, you can use the arc potential energy calculation tool.