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Gravel Calculator

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  • How to Use Gravel?

    What is Gravel?

    Gravel, sea, lake and river coasts are large and small stone particles that have lost their sharpness with the flow of water.

    What are Gravel Types?

    The pebbles found naturally in nature vary between 2 mm and 70 cm in size. While the dimensionally large ones are called rubble, the smaller ones are called flick.
    Pebbles are classified as fine gravel, coarse gravel and very coarse gravel according to their size. It is classified as fine round gravel, rounder gravel and flat gravel according to the degree of processing.

    Where is Gravel Used?

    Today, pebbles used in road construction and landscape studies are especially preferred for decorative purposes. With this calculation, you can approximate the amount of pebble you need by entering the length of the region you want to fill the pebble with the length and width information along with how much the layer height will be. In addition, you can calculate your total cost by entering the kilogram price.