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Geometric Mean Calculator

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  • How to Calculate Geometric Average?

    What is the Geometric Mean?

    The geometric mean is the average obtained by the root of the product of a group of data from the total number of data degrees.

    What is the Geometric Average Calculation Formula?

    Let the elements of a series with n elements be a 1 , a 2 , a 3 ... and a n . For the geometric mean calculation of this series;
    Arithmetic Mean = (a 1 xa 2 xa 3 x ... xa n ) < sup> 1 / n .

    What Does a Geometric Average Do?

    The arithmetic average is often used to calculate the average of the data that is formed independently. However, if there is a close relationship between the numbers (for example, if there is an increase or decrease between the numbers), the arithmetic mean will not give the desired average. In this case, the geometric mean can be used.

    How to Calculate Geometric Average?/h4>

    If you want to calculate the geometric mean, first choose how many numbers you will calculate from our calculation tool. You can then calculate the geometric mean by entering the numbers and clicking the calculate button.
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