Free Fall Calculator

Free Fall Calculator


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  • How is Free Fall Movement Calculated?

    What is Free Fall?

    Free fall movement is the movement of an object released from a certain height in physics until it hits the ground. In history, Aristotle said that heavy objects would fall to the ground faster than light objects. People have also believed in this hypothesis for many years. Galileo, on the other hand, realized during his experiments that this was not the case Aristotle said. Two pieces of iron, one large and one smaller, released the ball from the Pisa tower and observed that both of them fell simultaneously.

    Free Fall Movement in Frictionless Environment

    In order to think of a frictionless environment, we need to think of a place without air. As far as we know, there is no such place in the world. But they have built a tower in NASA's laboratory in the state of Ohio, where they can create a frictionless environment by vacuuming air. Thanks to the powerful pumps inside the tower, they can discharge approximately 3 tons of air inside. It was almost only 2 grams of air left. From the video below, you can watch the free fall movement when both the tower and the two objects are left in an air-free environment.

    How is Free Fall Calculated?

    According to the video, we found that the weight of the object did not affect the free fall movement. With this calculation, you can calculate how many seconds it will fall, what its velocity will be, and what is the effect of gravity, by entering the height of the object that makes the free fall movement.