Energy Conversion Calculator

Energy Conversion Calculator


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  • Converting Energy Units

    What is Energy?

    Energy, in its simplest definition, is what makes everything happen around us, such as moving vehicles, warming houses. To put it more technically, energy is the ability to do business. It is a scalar size, that is, it is expressed in units. There is no direction. Let's put it in place, if it was a vector size, it would be expressed in units as well as direction or direction.

    What are the Types of Energy?

    Energy is diversified and separated from each other as it has many different forms. Let's look at some types of energy and their descriptions.
    • Potential energy is the energy that an object has due to its state and location. A stretched one is the energy of a spring or a ball in the air, potential energy.
    • Kinetic energy is the energy that an object has due to its speed or motion. An example of a person running, the energy that a spinning wheel has.
    • Heat energy is the type of energy that objects have due to their temperatures. An example of the energy that the burning bulb or electric heater has is.
    • Magnetic energy is the type of energy released by the movement of electrons. We can show magnets as an example.

    What are the Energy Units?

    The energy unit in the system of international units is Joule (J). However, you can find more units in the table below, although the best known are calories, kilocalories, kilowatt hours.

    Unit Name Abbreviation
    ElektronVolt eV
    GigaJoule GJ
    Giga Calories GCal
    Joule J
    Calori cal
    Kilojoules kJ
    KiloCalori kcal
    Kilowatt hours kWh
    watt hour wh
    Horse Power hp

    If you want to convert between joule, calorie, kilocalorie, kilowatt hour and horsepower units, you can calculate by pressing Enter after typing the amount you want to convert to the relevant unit.