Elastic Potential Energy Calculator

Elastic Potential Energy Calculator

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  • How to Calculate Spring Potential Energy?

    What is Spring?

    The spring is an object that can be compressed, used in many areas, and restored when released, and can save energy thanks to its elastic structure. It has a wide usage area such as automotive, stationery products and furniture.

    What is Spring Potential Energy?

    Potential energy is the energy that an object has due to its situation. Sometimes it can have this energy depending on the height it is in, whereas it can have because of the way they are in elastic materials such as springs. For this reason, spring potential energy is the type of energy it has when the spring is stretched due to its elastic structure. It varies depending on the spring structure and the length of the tension.

    How to Calculate Spring Potential Energy?

    To calculate the spring potential energy, you can calculate the spring energy constant and the amount of potential energy the spring has by typing the strain length (i.e. the difference between its length when stretched and its normal time).
    In addition, you can use the Hooke's law calculation tool to calculate the amount of force applied to the pedestrian.