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Density Calculator


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    What is Density?

    Density is defined as the mass of a material per unit volume. In other words, it is an indicator of how closely the content of the substance is interconnected. The reason why the question of a kilo of iron or a kilo of cotton is heavy in the first place may be to think that the content of the iron will be heavier due to the tightness of each other. Ultimately, they are the same weight, as both are one kilogram.

    What is the Density Formula?

    The density calculation formula is density (d) = mass (m) / volume (V). According to the SI unit system, the density unit is kilogram / cubic meter (kg / m³).
    On the other hand, density can also be defined as the amount of mass per unit volume.
    Volume is the space occupied by an object in space. It is a 3D expression. While solids and liquids have a certain volume, gaseous substances take the shape of the container they are in.
    Mass is the amount of an object that does not change. It should not be confused with weight. The weight is obtained by multiplying the mass of the body by the acceleration of gravity.

    How to Calculate Density?

    In order to calculate density, we first need mass and volume information.
    To find the mass of a substance, you can calculate its mass by dividing its weight by the gravitational acceleration.
    In order to calculate the volume, it is necessary to follow different ways in solids, liquids and gases.
    • In solids; When you put a solid body in a water filled container that you know its volume, the difference between the first state and the height of the water will give the volume of the solid body.
    • In liquids; Since it takes the shape of the container it is in, it is easier to calculate the volume according to the solids.
    • In gases; The volume of the container will be the volume of the gas they are in.
    In this case, you can calculate using the mass / volume formula or using our calculation tool.