Currency Converter

Currency Converter

Currency Code Amount S
turkey Turkish Lira TRY
united-states-of-america US Dollar USD $
australia Australia Dollar AUD $
denmark Denmark Kron DKK kr
european-union Euro EUR
united-kingdom Biritish Pound GBP £
switzerland Swiss Frank CHF
sweden Swedish Krona SEK kr
canada Canadian Dollar CAD $
kuwait Kuwaiti Dinar KWD د.ك
norway Norwegian Krona NOK kr
saudi-arabia Arabian Riyal SAR ر.س
japan Japanese Yen JPY ¥
bulgaria Bulgarian Lev BGN лв
romania Romanian Leu RON L
russia Russian Ruble RUB р.
iran Iranian Rial IRR ريال
china Chinese Yuan CNY ¥
pakistan Pakistan Rupee PKR
qatar Qatari Rial QAR ر.ق

The data is provided by the CBRT.

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  • How is Foreign Currency Calculated?

    What is Foreign Exchange?

    Countries usually use their money only in their trade within the country. But when foreign trade is done, foreign currency, which we can call foreign currency, can be preferred. This money may be the currency of the country of trade, or it may be the dollar or euro that is frequently used worldwide.
    Therefore, foreign exchange means any foreign currency for any country.

    What is the Currency?

    Setup is a value expression. The exchange rate refers to the value of national currency against foreign currencies.

    How Does the Exchange Rate Change?

    The price of any currency is determined by the intervention of the currency's authorized central bank on the market, depending on the level of supply and demand for that currency. These interventions may be a way to buy money from the market or to sell money to the market.

    How to Calculate with Currency Converter?

    First, choose one of the foreign exchange buying or selling transactions.
    You can calculate the equivalent of other currencies by entering the amount in the line where the currency you want to trade in, and entering it.