CPM Calculator

CPM Calculator


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  • What is CPM and How is it Calculated?

    What is CPM?

    The internet, which has been more and more penetrated into our lives day by day, is becoming very important for the advertisement world due to the increase of its users. If we are small, many websites or social media pages with user masses can earn income by getting advertisements. On the other hand, anyone who wants to promote their product or service can make various forms of promotion on the Internet. CPM is a term used quite frequently in this field. It stands for “cost per mille” and gives you what it costs to show your ad 1000 times.

    How is CPM Calculated?

    CPM calculation formula is Cost / Impressions x 1000. For example, let's say that you advertise $ 1000, but if the number of impressions is 450,000, then your CPM value will be $ 2.22. On the other hand, you can calculate your CPM value by entering the number of interactions and costs. With this calculation, you can also take advantage of our CPC and website ad revenue calculations.