CPC and CPM Calculator

CPC and CPM Calculator

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  • How Is Cost Per Click Calculated?

    What is CPC?

    There is no doubt that you have to invest in advertising to reach certain levels in the internet world. This advertisement is sometimes published on print media, sometimes on TV, sometimes on the Internet. There are some dynamics in the advertisements given on the internet, and thanks to these dynamics, you can clearly examine the cost / performance of your work. CPC is an abbreviation for cost-per-click expression. In CPC logic, ads are paid when clicks occur. The maximum CPC is the highest amount to pay when clicked. When users search, it is determined whether the user is eligible for advertising and whether it is the right audience for the advertiser.

    How is CPC Calculated?

    With this calculation, you can calculate the number of clicks on your ad after CPC / CPC, ie cost per click and CPM / BTBM thousand clicks after you have written your interaction, clickthrough rate and total spend. As a result, you can evaluate your performance by comparing with the advertisements you have given before.

    • CTR → Click through rate - a percentage of impressions that end up as clicks,
    • CPC → Cost Per Click,
    • CPM → Cost Per 1000 Clicks.