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    What is Cement?

    Cement is defined as a binder material obtained by grinding limestone and clay mixture after being heated at high temperature. It is named as hydraulic binder since it reacts with water after it reacts with water.
    After mixing with water, the cement, which has become a paste, begins to solidify slowly. This solidification process is called a plug. Solidification increases with time and strength increases. Approximately 10 hours later, complete solidification occurs.

    What are the Types of Cement?

    In general, cement types are as follows.
    • Portlan Cement: It is the most common type of cement used in reinforced concrete structures.
    • Blast Furnace Slag Cement: Blast furnace slag is a by-product in iron and steel plants. This product is cooled and granulated and can be milled and cemented. This cement is called blast furnace slag cement.
    • Stranded Cements: Trass is a volcanic tuff that does not have a binding feature alone. It becomes binding with cement. This is called cement made using tuff.
    • Additive Cement,
    • Fly Ash Cement,
    • Super Sulphate Cement,
    • Sulphate Resistant Cement,
    • High Strength Cement.

    How to Calculate Cement Usage?

    You can calculate how much cement will be needed when the column will be built with our calculation tool.
    • As a first step, you must enter the diameter and length of the column.
    • Indicate how many columns you will build.
    • Enter the standard cement bag price of 50 kg.
    By clicking the Calculate button, you can calculate the required amount of cement in kilograms and bags, the cost of a column and your total cost approximately.
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