Byte Conversion Calculator

Byte Conversion Calculator


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  • What is a byte?

    What is a Computer Measurement Unit?

    Computer measurement unit is the name used to transfer data processed in the computer's own memory, namely RAM, to a different medium, which can record data such as internet or hard disk, DVD, CD, and express the size of the data.

    What are Computer Units of Measurement?

    Although the most used computer measurement units are MB (megabytes), GB (gigabytes), we frequently use the expression TB (terabytes) with the developing technology. However, we often encounter the megabit expression at download and upload speeds.

    What are Computer Units and Abbreviation?

    Unit Name Abbreviation
    bayt B
    Kilobayt KB
    Megabayt MB
    Gigabayt GB
    Terabayt TB
    Exabayt EB
    Bit b
    Kilobit Kb
    Megabit Mb
    Gigabit Gb
    Terabit Tb
    Petabit Pb
    Exabit Eb

    How are Computer Units Measured?

    After entering the amount you want to calculate in the relevant unit, you can calculate by pressing Enter.