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Brick Calculator

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  • How to Calculate Brick Cost?

    What is Brick?

    Brick, which is one of the most used building materials today, was made by shaping the clay soil and drying it in the sun. Nowadays, it is produced by molding the soil by cooking in high temperature ovens. These bricks are called machine bricks.

    What are the Types of Bricks?

    Bricks differ according to their manufacturing methods, number of holes, size.
    If we look at what kinds of bricks are;
    • Wall Brick: It is the preferred type of brick as it is both economical and useful for wall knitting. It varies according to its size and shape. It is produced as 8.5 ', 10.5', 24 'and 19'.
    • Firebrick: As its name suggests, it is a high temperature resistant brick, and it is used in areas requiring high heat resistance. For example; like fireplace, oven. It is produced by using heat resistant mortar called chamotte.
    • Chimney Brick: It is produced in a way that it is resistant to temperature and that smoke can come out. It can be single hole or two holes.
    • Decorative Brick: It is a type of brick that is not used for decorative purposes. It is generally preferred to give a nice view inside or outside the house. It is applied by coating.

    How is the need and cost of brick calculated?

    While calculating the need for bricks, it is necessary to determine the size of the wall to be built and what kind of bricks to cover. For this reason, brick width, brick height, wall width and wall length are entered. The amount of joint to be used between the bricks must be entered as the joint thickness. By entering the unit price of the brick in the relevant section, you can calculate the amount of brick and the total brick cost needed to build this wall.