Binomial Distribution Calculator

Binomial Distribution Calculator

Number of Events (n):
Number of Successes (r):
Probability of Success per Event (p):

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  • How is Binomial Distribution Calculated?

    What is Binomial Distribution?

    It is the distribution of the probability that one of the results will occur a certain number of times after repeating an experiment with two possible results under the same conditions and independently of each other.
    P (X = r) = C (n, r) * p ^ r * (1-p) ^ (n-r)
    • "n" Total number of events,
    • Number of "r" successful events,
    • "p" probability of success,
    • It refers to the combination of "C (n, r)" in r li.
    For example, if we want to calculate the possibility of the money thrown 7 times 3 times;
    • Total number of events = 7,
    • Number of successful events = 3,
    • Probability of success = 0,5,
    • C (7.3)

    With this calculation tool, after entering the desired data, you can calculate binomial distribution by clicking the calculate button.