Area Conversion Calculator

Area Conversion Calculator


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  • What Are Area Units?

    What is Area?

    Area is the amount of space that a surface occupies. In the metric system, which is also accepted in our country, its unit is square meter (m²). It is also used quite often in acres.

    What Are Area Measurement Units?

    The most commonly used area is the units of measurement and their definitions.
    • Square meter is the area of the square with an edge length of 1 meter.
    • The acre is one of the old measurement units and is used equivalent to 1000 m².

    Area Units and Symbols

    Unit Name Abbreviation
    Square Feet ft²
    Square Kilometers km²
    Hectometers Square hm²
    Decare Square dam²
    Square Meters
    Square Decimeters dm²
    Square Centimeter cm²
    Square Millimeters mm²

    With this calculation, you can cycle between square kilometers, square centimeters, square millimeters and acres.
    After entering the amount you want to calculate in the relevant unit, you can calculate by pressing Enter.