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Angle Converter


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  • What are Angle Units?

    What is the Angle?

    The angle is the shape that two rays with the same starting points or two intersecting lines form at the intersection.

    What are the Angle Types?

    The most commonly used angle types are described below.
    • Narrow Angle is the angle whose value is below 90 ° in degrees.
    • The right angle is the 90 ° angle between two straight lines intersecting each other.
    • Wide angle is the angle in degrees whose value is above 90 °.
    • The correct angle refers to the 180 ° angle.
    • The full angle is the angle of 360 °, it is a full turn.
    • The adjacent angle is called angles, whose rays and angle corners are common.
    • Complement angle is the angle that complements each other to 90 °.
    • Wholes are angles, angles with a total angle of 180 °.

    What are Angle Measurement Units?

    • Degree (°), Each of the springs of the circle divided into 360 equal parts is called degrees. In this case, the entire measure of the circle is 360 °.
    • Radian is the measure of the angle of the center that sees a radius-long arc in the circle. Degree = Radian * (180 / π) is calculated by the formula.
    • The tour refers to the entire apartment. 1 turn is 360 °.
    • Grad is the name given to each of the springs of the circle divided into 400 equal parts. In this case, the circle is 400 degrees.
    • Milyem is the name given to each of the springs of the circle divided into 640 equal parts. In this case, the apartment is 6400 million.
    With this calculation tool, you can convert between degrees, radians, laps, grad and milyem units. You can get answers to your questions such as how many radians the degree is, how many degrees the radians are, or how many millils are the grad.