Aerated Concrete Block Calculator

Aerated Concrete Block Calculator

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  • Aerated Concrete Usage

    What is aerated concrete?

    Aerated concrete is a light building material consisting of 75% pores by volume and with low thermal conductivity.

    What are the features of aerated concrete?

    Today, aerated concrete, which is used quite intensively in the construction sector, is more advantageous than the buildings made of bricks, stones and briquettes especially in terms of thermal insulation and cost. In addition, with its more than 240 minutes of fire resistance, the A1 class is in the fireproof category. It is also preferred with this feature.

    How is the need for aerated concrete calculated?

    With this calculation, you can calculate your total amount of aerated concrete after entering the length and width of the wall you will build, and your total cost after entering the unit price.